Magazine Covers

hugach National Forest 2018 Visitor Guide

Promo poster for Swept Away, Beartooth Theatre, Anchorage, Alaska

Poster Boy on display at Aerostich in Duluth, Minnesota

Poster Boy for Aerostich Gear


Book signing tour display.


Icefest Billboard, Dubuque Iowa. 2010

First Ascent website for the Be First Sponsorship program.


San Francisco Oceans Festival 2011. Photo by Laurent Dick of Troy climbing ice in Antarctica on the Belgica Expedition.


Chugach National Forest Poster 2009                Photo: Ron Niebrugge


Chugach National Forest banner. 2009.

Alaska Coast Magazine May 2009.                                Photo: Calvin Hall



It's not a front cover, but the inside cover of Alaska Magazine


February 2009.  An ad for Alaska Geographic. Photo: Ron Niebrugge


Kenai Peninsula Visitor Guide 2009.  Photo: Ron Niebrugge,



Pulse Magazine, Waterloo, Iowa. January 9-23, 2009. Photo: Christian Hoffman


365Ink, Dubuque, Iowa.  January 8-21, 2009                       Photo: Laurent Dick


Chugach Forest Visitor Guide.  Summer 2007.   Photo Ron Niebrugge.



The Vue.  Dubuque, Iowa.  December/January 2007.



Anchorage Press, Anchorage, Alaska.  October 25-31, 2007.   Photo: Steve Nigl