10,000 Miles on Two Wheels, 2006

In early November 2006, Troy and Doug Stroop departed from Phoenix, Arizona on one of the great motorcycle journeys of all time.  A round trip, three month motojourney from North America to Panama.  Both riding BMWs (1100 GS model to be exact, Troy on a red one, Doug on a white one) they navigated the wilds of Mexico Central America.

Journal Entries:


Mexico and Central America Map


My BMW 1100 GS ready to go

Doug's self portrait while on the road

Mexican coastline near San Carlos

Fellow BMW rider we me along the way

Acapulco, Mexico

View from Dan's roof in Acapulco

Puerto Escondido #2

Surfer Girl in Nicaragua

Market day in Santiago, Guatemala

Panama Ponch

Mayan ruins at Copan, Honduras

Bikes in hotel lobby in Antigua, Guatemala

Young girl in Guatemala

Wind generators in Mexico

Cathedral in Tequila, Mexico

Kite surfers in San Carlos, Mexico

End of the long ride

Prepping the BWMs

Doug and Troy ready to head out from Phoenix

Quick stop in Mexico

Fellow road warriors in Mexico

Dan and Doug in Acapulco

Acapulco beach

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Typical street in Panajachel, Guatemala

Volcano in Nicaragua

Dangerous bridge in Panama

Troy in front of the Panama City skyline

Navigating the Streets of Copan Ruinas

Cathedral in Taxco, Mexico

Taxco Cathedral

Doug taking care of a rear flat tire

Mazatlan skyline at night


My new ride? Ron's Harley in Tucson