Harding Icefield Task


The task is to cross Alaska's expansive Harding Icefield, utilizing kite power from start to finish.  The Harding offers spectacular traveling conditions and superb wind for kiting. Storms from the Gulf of Alaska sweep the icefield with unpredictable weather and an endless supply of wind.  The dynamics and remoteness of the Harding offer up an extreme challenge, Alaska style.  The Icefield and surrounding glaciers(40 of them) cover an area of 1100 square miles. The Harding was first crossed in the 1940s and not again attempted until the mid 60s.  Truuli peak was first climbed in 1968 by the second successful crossing party.  Jason and Troy will start their crossing at Chernof Glacier, attempt a climb of Truuli peak, and continute across the icefield utilizing the wind before finding their way off the icefield via Exit Glacier near Seward.