After Guam we landed in Palau amidst questionable weather. Our first few days were filled with high winds and crazy downpours of rain. Certainly not the tropical paradise that I had expected, but eventually it cleared up. We spent a week scuba diving all of the local hotspots: Bluehole, The German Trench, Jellyfish Lake, as well as several WWII wreck sites. The diving in Palau is world class with the widest variety of aquatic life I have ever seen.  It was really quite amazing to say the least.

Despite the pouring rain and wind, the diving was off the charts.

Hanging with the locals.

The local fishing fleet.

Jellyfish at the infamous Jellyfish lake.




Sam's Dive shop, our home base of operations in Palau.

I've never seen so many scuba tanks in one place.

Cruising in front of the dive boat.

Lots of shark activity in this part of the world.

Which way??

There are literaly millions of non-stinging jellyfish in this lake.  Well worth a visit.



Peak season and it still wasn't all that busy of a place, which was nice.

It really is a tropical paradise.

Matt tempting fate with the sharks.

Palau really is a paradise and an easy place to enjoy.