Patagonia 2023

In March of 2023, Jackson Henkels, Anya Green and I embarked on a 2 week odyssey in the southern reaches of Argentina and Chile, to hike as much as we could in the Fitzroy region and Torres Del Paine.  Some of the most spectacular rugged landscapes on the planet.  With consistently terrible weather in this part of the world, we hiked daily into the mountains to explore all that we could with the time we had.  It ended up being a fantastic adventure in Patagonia.

Torres Del Paine.  A really unique place on the planet.

Deep in Torres Del Paine and the views just get better and better.

The unrelenting views in Torres Del Paine.

Laguna Azul with Fitzroy in the background.  A really good day in the mountains. 

After a hike to Laguna Del Diablo we discovered Laguna Azul.....a real unexpected gem.

They don't call it Laguna Azul for no reason at all. 

Mount Fitrzoy in rare nice weather.  It only lasted two hours!

Monte Fitzroy........a climbers dream.

Stunning peaks adjacent to Fitzroy.

A rare morning in El Chalten.

Dos of Tres Lagunas.

None of the views from up here are disappointing.

A very windy day at the lake.

A temperamental, monochromatic day.

Hiking into Laguna de los Tres

When it does clear off, there is no other place like this.

A picture perfect day for hiking.

The hike up to Laguna Torre is spectacular even in bad weather.

Hiking above El Chalen

Monte Fitzroy in all her glory on a rare clear day.

The views of Perito Moreno glacier near El Calafate are stunning.

Icebergs in the lake below Perito Moreno glacier.

Changing light offers a changed perspective of this glacier and surrounding mountains. 

On our way to El Chalten we stopped to explore Estancia San Gregorio, an old abandoned sheep ranch. 

This place used to be a thriving profitable ranch, but now is a ghost town.

Nearby is the wreck of the Ambassador.  Nothing but a skeleton of this ship from years past.

I was thrilled to see the bow of the Yelcho in Punta Arenas.  This is the ship that carried Shackleton to Elephant Island to rescue all of his men.