After Palau, Matt and I flew to Manila in the Philippines. We had heard about a new kiteboarding spot in the far North of the country that we wanted to check out. From Manila we flew to a smaller city called Laoag. From there we took a shuttle three hours further North to our destination, Kingfisher. Arriving in total darkness and at the end of a dirt road, we didn't really know what to expect. But the place turned out to be a dream with some of the best kiteboarding anywhere. Our hut was right on the beach about 40 yards from the water. There was consistent wind and waves up to 25 feet!! The food was outstanding and it's a small enough place that it was never crowded.  The owner and staff were not only friendly, but extremely knowledgeable about the area and kite conditions, even though they are not kiters themselves. This place turned out to be a dream spot and I can't wait to go back.

Landing at Laoag International Airport. It's a pretty small place.

It always feels like chaos when you first experience the traffic in the Philippines.

Kingfisher beach kiteshack...and our accommodations are on the right.

Rice paddies seem to be everywhere.


I wonder if power and communications are ever an issue?

Some of the taxi/shuttle buses are really wild!

The kiteshack has everything you could need for kiting, surfing, or windsurfing.

The view from the air.

At Kingfisher you can kite until the sun goes down.

The view from our hut on the beach.

One of the best beaches I've ever been to for kiteboarding!!


Life goes on, even for the locals, despite the tropical rain showers.


The wind is so consistent here, there are large sections of the coastline that are lined with windmills generating power.  Whenever I see this, I know the kiteboarding is going to be good.


The beach at Kingfisher goes on for miles and offers up perfect kiting conditions.

More air!

The locals are really happy and friendly.