Polar Expeditions

Antarctic Search and Rescue Team – McMurdo Station, Antarctica 1997-98
Key member of the joint US/New Zealand search and rescue team while stationed in McMurdo for 12 months.

Myrdalsjokull Icecap, Iceland March 2003
Seven day, 120 km. crossing with the Global Extremes team. Utilizing kites for several days otherwise man hauling supplies in sledges. Numerous days of full on blizzard conditions that made navigating extremely challenging.

Bering Strait, Wales, AK March 2004
Shakedown trip in preparation for the Bering Strait Odyssey. Severe cold temps and extreme gear testing in the waters of the Bering Strait. With Dixie Dansercoer and Julie Brown.

Greenland Icecap, January 2005
Guiding and shakedown trip for the Bering Strait Odyssey. This was a rewards expedition for Corporate Executives from Belgium as a result of a sponsorship contest. With Dixie Dansecoer, camera crew, and six executives.

Bering Strait Odyssey. Wales, AK March 2005
Attempt with Dixie Dansercoer to do a double back crossing from Alaska to Russia. After 8 days and being pushed 60 miles south into the Bering Sea, we call for a pickup. A forecasted storm and our inability to counter Mother Nature’s whims convince us to abandon this attempt.

In the Wake of the Belgica, Antarctica. December - February 2007/2008.

Sailing expedition to Antarctica with Dixie Dansercoer, Pieterjan Kempynck, Michel Tudoir, Laurent Dick, Rumen Grozev, and Frans Doomen. In honor of Gerlache's Belgica expedition of 110 years ago.  Successful replication of the same landings as the original expedition as well as comparing imagery and weather data from past to present day. Successful explorations of the Antarctica Peninsula as well as ascents of four peaks in the area.  On this expedition Troy made history by becoming the first person to Kiteboard in Antarctic waters. See www.IntheWakeoftheBelgica.com for the full report.

Drangajokull Icecap, Iceland. March 2009

Guiding expedition to the Fjord-lands of northern Iceland and a 5 day traverse of this icecap and the surrounding area. Shakedown trip for a group of 10 on a quest to reach the North Pole via the Last Degree in 2010.

The North Bound Quest. April 2010

Last degree guiding expedition to the North Pole with 2 Americans and 9 Belgians.

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Harding Icefield, March 2011
Kiteski crossing of the Harding Icefield in Alaska with Jason Turnbull.

Bagley Icefield, March 2013
Kiteski crossing of the largest non-Polar icecap in North America, deep in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.  Click here for the videos.

North Expedition 2018
An audacious start to a total crossing of Alaska using kites. This leg was an attempt to get from Shishmaref to Nome via Serpentine Hot Springs. A solo attempt which found me covering 55 miles to Serpentine using kites. After -20F ambient temps and -55F windchill, and full on arctic storm conditions, I turned back abandoning the expedition for this year. Several other expeditions on the Seward peninsula wisely turned back as well.